Ranch Planning

Water Quality Ranch Plans  are being written in 2012-13 with interested landowners.    These plans are expected to address water quality impairments as well as other related natural resource concerns.  These plans will be given to landowners, and not stored at the RCD office.

To schedule a field visit or to discuss the planning process in general, contact the RCD office.    Ranch or farm plans focused to help identify and  document water quality improvement projects that have been completed and/or are needed are being offered on a limited basis.  Information taylored for each ranch will be part of the planning with an emphasis on photo monitoring techniques and tailwater neighborhoods.

Ranch plans can be developed for a group or ranch by others or with the help of the RCD.  Anyone who wants to put a plan together on their own can do so with our template, and your maps and pictures.

Project Evaluation Form

Projects developed through this planning process may be eligible for funding through the RCD.

Workshop Talk on Ranch Planning for Water Quality  2/19/2013, presented at the UCCE Growers Seminar, Yreka CA

by David Lewis, Watershed Management Advisor, Director UCCE Marin Napa  Link to video of talk Here

Video of follow up talk  by Ayn Perry, SVRCD staff        Link to video of talk Here

Request Form to Share Info with the SVRCD for your ranch plan

Planting Brochure for the Shasta River

Handout from the Workshop July 2011 titled:

What you need to Know about Ranch Planning and the TMDL