Water Quality

The SVRCD is engaged at many levels with improving water quality in the Shasta River and other watersheds in our service area.  We work to support local efforts to comply with the Shasta River and other TMDL’s as well as other water quality initiatives.

Shasta River TMDL conditional waiver information is shared here for our local community.  The Shasta Valley RCD is a partner in implementing the Shasta River TMDL.

Shasta River TMDL Conditional Waiver

2018 UPDATE:  The Shasta River TMDL will be reviewed at the April 20th, 2018 NCWQCB Meeting in Weed, CA.  Our Shasta River Stewardship Report will be presented to the Board by Water Board staff member, Elias Scott Environmental Scientist.

Shasta River TMDL Waiver is explained in more detail here:  Fact Sheet

2017 UPDATE:  The Shasta River TMDL 10 year benchmark is in 2017.  The SVRCD is working to document the substantial body of work done by landowners and partners towards attainment of the water quality targets.  Note Chapter 10 of the Staff Report for the original 10 year Reassessment plans.

Here is the new brochure explaining the changes to the Waiver for 2012-2016.

Here is the video of the meeting held on July 23rd, 2013.

The Regional Board adopted a new 5 year Waiver for the Shasta River TMDL.   Here is our presentation to the Regional Board.

On June 28, 2006 the Regional Water Board adopted Order No. R1-2006-0052, the Shasta River TMDL Waiver. On January 19, 2012, the Regional Water Board adopted Order No. R1-2012-0008 temporarily extending the Shasta River TMDL Waiver until August 23, 2012 to allow staff additional time to assess the effectiveness of the program as currently implemented. On August 23, 2012 the Board will be asked to consider extending the Shasta TMDL Waiver to allow additional time to prepare Wavier revisions.

The Waiver waives the requirements to file a Report of Waste Discharge and obtain Waste Discharge Requirements for discharges addressed in the Shasta River TMDL Action Plan, for dischargers who choose to participate in collaborative programs including the implementation of recommended measures described in Table 4-14 of the Shasta River TMDL Action Plan.

Information from a TMDL workshop held in 201o in Mt. Shasta.  The agenda and the presentations are separately linked on the waterboard academy site.    Link Here

Document Availability

Information on the Regional Water Board’s Shasta River Watershed TMDL Program, including the existing Waiver and the Shasta TMDL Action Plan, can be found at: http://www.waterboards.ca.gov/northcoast/water_issues/programs/tmdls/shasta_river/

Persons wishing to receive notices related to the Shasta TMDL electronically are encouraged to sign up for the Shasta TMDL under Resources, Email Subscription on the left side of the Regional Water Board’s main web page at: http://www.waterboards.ca.gov/northcoast. Persons wishing to receive notices through the standard mail should contact the Regional Board and submit their name and address which will be added to an interested parties list.

Questions regarding the revised Shasta River TMDL Waiver should be directed to Eli Scott , by phone at 707-576-2610, or email at elias.scott@waterboards.ca.gov.

The First Five Years of Shasta River TMDL Progress Pamphlet

Our 2011 Irrigation Tailwater Management Pamphlet is here:  http://www.waterboards.ca.gov/northcoast/water_issues/programs/tmdls/shasta_river/110726/110726_tailwatrpub_pamphlet3.pdf