Workshop Presentations

Listed in agenda order are the presentations from the workshop – a complete set of talks/slide shows and handouts has been assembled here for those who did not hear everyone or were unable to attend.

The Upper Klamath coho workshop reference document is available for download below

Upper Klamath Coho Workshop Portfolio, Reference document and presentation slides (portfolio for on-screen viewing)

Upper Klamath Coho Workshop with Presentations, Reference document and presentation slides (4 presentation slides per page for printing, 134 pages)

Reference document text only (15 pages)

Day 1

[youtube R0LN1dWHoI8]

Day 1

Brief overviews of: a) SONCC coho population status; and b) current conditions of the Shasta, Scott and Upper Klamath.

Karuk Tribe: Population Status. Toz Soto

[youtube aQM-ehXzock]

National Marine Fisheries Service: Stressors influencing the viability of Upper Klamath, Scott and Shasta SOCNCC coho populations, Jim Simondet

[youtube 3qdgpkc91qs]
Shasta Valley RCD:  Actions in the Shasta River   Dave Webb
[youtube dNdHFwSNP1Q]
UC Davis Center for Watershed Science and Watercourse Engineering:  Summary of habitat conditions in the Shasta River Watershed.  Mike Deas and Carson Jeffres
Department of Fish and Game:  Overview of  Iron Gate Hatchery Management Plan.  Morgan Knechtle

[youtube wZ_OHQdKk9E]

Review currently available genetics of SONCC coho including genetics of Shasta, Scott and Upper Klamath River populations.
Department of Fish and Game:  Application of conservation genetics principles to salmon recovery.  Michael Lacy
[youtube V3vfV4671N8]
National Marine Fisheries Service:  Results of genetics conducted on SONCC coho genetics in the Shasta, Scott and Klamath Rivers.  John Carlos Garza

Day 2

[youtube r_NQLHHMTmg]

Overview of the steps required to establish a supplementation program.
Department of Fish and Game:  Steps to developing a conservation hatchery.  Michael Lacy
[youtube J572v6rtb6o]
Tools Available for Supplementation.
Norton Sound Economic Development Corporation:   Use of Eyed-Egg Injections into Natural Spawning Gravels for Supplementing Salmon Runs in Nome, AK.  Charlie Lean
[youtube Y_K_cUegMT8]
Biostream Environmental, WA.:  Strategic Approaches to Supplementing Coho Salmon in the Queets River, WA.  Larry Lestelle
                          2. Nickelson Oregon Coast Supplementation 1986
                          3. Sharma Evaluation of Clearwater Coho Supplementation 2006
[youtube dkvS2EEy2Po]
[youtube pfbTFjpVAf8]
[youtube Zln14kgvTzQ]
[youtube rfcF3Cm4y1E]
[youtube Dtm-wEetxXk]
Panel discussion: the suitability of implementing a supplementation program in the Shasta given what has been presented with respect to the genetics, brood stock sources and reintroduction strategies.  The panelists will offer advice on what “doable” efforts, focusing on the Shasta, but also considering the Scott and Upper Klamath as relevant.