Projects in Focus

The Shasta Valley RCD directs and is involved in a range of construction projects, plans and studies and monitoring activities in the watersheds we serve.  Our accomplishments are detailed on our annual reports, filed under the Library tab.

Some are listed here and some have their own description pages.

Riparian Working Group:   The Riparian Working Group is a cooperative effort by local agencies and groups to share information about methods, monitoring and plantings within our watershed.  Here is our first brochure: Tree Planting on the Shasta River.  Here is our new brochure: Why We Plant Trees.

One document that is of real importance to this effort is: Effectiveness Monitoring of Restoration Projects in the Shasta Basin by Kim G. Mattson, Ph.D., Ecosystems Northwest.

Big Springs Interim Flow Study – McBain and Trush 2013

Shasta River Study Plan – McBain and Trush 2013   

Shasta River Instream Flow Assessment (Shasta Canyon IFN Report)

Flow Needs Assessment Study Presentation:  the video is poor but the audio is fine.

Spawning and Gravel Evaluation and Enhancement Plan for the Shasta River

Yreka Creek Greenway Projects

Native Plant Nursery:  We partner with the Siskiyou Gardens, Parks and Greenway Association to encourage planting of native plants through education, direct sales and contract growing.  We have 2 plants sales per year, spring and fall at our nursery in Yreka. Brochure here and Click here for more information.  Updated Plant List 1/16

Shasta River Irrigation Monitoring Equipment Implementation – 2016-2019

We are working with two irrigation districts to install monitoring equipment for remotely accessing flow data. The short presentation Here explains.

Rotary Screw Trapping 

Preliminary Information from RST during the winter/spring of 2018.