Klamath Fish Health – 2021

by perry on September 20, 2021

Shasta Valley RCD participates in a Klamath Basin wide monitoring program through what is called KFHAT. That stands for Klamath Fish Health Assessment Team. Find out more and see the current readiness levels at Fish Health (KFHAT) (kbmp.net). Current Readiness for the Shasta River is at orange. Current conditions change rapidly.

  1. Orange
  • A kill is likely to occur and management levels in agencies need
    to be alerted.
  • Frequent data sharing among KFHAT and resource managers is
  • If possible, KFHAT will provide recommendations for resource
    management actions to management with basis for

There are multiple agencies/organizations throughout the Klamath/Trinity Basin measuring or
monitoring various water quality parameters, juvenile fish emigration, fish health, and more. In
some cases, these monitoring efforts may serve as useful warning indicators of deteriorating
conditions an increased risk of a pending fish die-off.

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