Klamath Fish Health

by perry on June 28, 2021

For up to date information on fish health issues in the Klamath Basin, the Klamath Basin Monitoring Program is an important source.. The Klamath Basin Monitoring Program facilitates the coordination and implementation of water quality monitoring in support of the stewardship, protection, and restoration of all beneficial uses within the Klamath River watershed, with the ultimate goal of restoring water quality.  Fish Health (KFHAT) (kbmp.net)

The Klamath Fish Health Assessment Team (KFHAT) is a technical workgroup which formed during the summer of 2003 with the purpose of providing early warning and a coordinated response effort to avoid, or at least address, a non-hazardous materials related fish kill event in the anadromous portion of the Klamath River basin. To accomplish this goal, KFHAT created a network through which information about current river and fish health conditions in the Klamath Basin can be quickly shared among participants, the general public, and resource managers.

Current Readiness Levels:

KlamathFishIcon redKlamath Mainstem (IGH to Mouth) – Red

KlamathFishIcon orangeScott and Shasta Rivers – Orange

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