The Shasta Valley RCD has been working on studies of groundwater in the Shasta River watershed for 10 years.  Two studies have been completed in collaboration with the California Department of Water Resources (DWR).  These studies were designed to collect and review existing knowledge, areas of interest and information gaps. Our new GW 101 Brochure is Here.

Submitted 6/12/2018 by the Siskiyou County Flood Control and Water Conservation District to DWR Proposed Shasta Valley Groundwater Basin Modification Recommendation Map

Laura Foglia Presentation on Groundwater in the Shasta Valley to the Flood Control Board

Final Draft Shasta Valley Data Needs Assessment, Ward and Eaves, 2011

Selected Cross Sections of Shasta Valley

Shasta Valley Groundwater Study Plan – next steps; Davids Engineering 2013

Shasta Valley Groundwater
This is an introductory foundation to understanding the highly complex Shasta Valley groundwater system.  It describes the geologic and precipitation history that created that created the groundwater system with its 8 sub-areas, and reveals patterns and trends in groundwater use for agriculture and domestic use.  Future concerns are highlighted, from what is known such as increasing population and development, to the unknown, including climate change.  In the future, we intend to prepare more detailed presentations focused on specific details of Shasta Valley Groundwater system.

Groundwater Basin Map for Shasta River Valley

Groundwater Talk in Grenada, CA on September 18th, 2013

Complete Presentation Here and Notes Here

Other Groundwater Documents of Interest:

Geology and Ground-Water Features of Shasta Valley – USGS Pub. 1484 S. Mack; 1960

Shasta Valley Investigation, DWR 1964; Bulletin 87

Mt. Shasta Debris Flow – Crandall et al. 1989

DWR Bulletin 118, Ground-Water Basin Paper – has a good bibliography

Latest information from the DWR website about the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act or SGMA

Latest information from CDFW about a Shasta River Hydrology and Modeling Study

A Research Project by UCDavis ,Watershed Sciences; Christina Buck; Managing Groundwater for Environmental Stream Temperature, 2013

Literature Search/Groundwater (more complete) bibliography – request documents from this list as needed