Chinook Salmon are in the Shasta

by perry on September 14, 2015

Even with the extremely dry conditions, salmon have entered the Shasta River right on time.  29 adults have been counted to date.

2015 Re-cap ~ Due to the drought conditions, the KFHAT (Klamath Fish Health Advisory Team) has been having regular phone calls since April to share information on Klamath and tributary conditions, as well as fish health.  Young fish have been impacted with disease all season.  Now that adults are coming into the Klamath, the focus has been on ich infections in the lower river.  Due to continued concern on fish health, there has been one pulse flow released down the Trinity River and another happening now, to flush the lower Klamath River and reduce the risk on a large scale disease outbreak.  More information on KFHAT can be found at:

Fish have been a bit slower entering the Klamath this year, but over the past few days more fish are entering the river and heading straight upstream.  Even with the slow start, the Shasta fish are here as expected.  The Flow Group has been coordinating to watch conditions on the Shasta River.  Flow augmentation will be starting now, with water being volunteered by the Nature Conservancy.  Additional water will be coming to augment flows even more during the last 2 weeks in September, to protect adult fish health in the Shasta River canyon pools.  We will be monitoring flow, air and water temperature and fish numbers as we move into September.

Look for weekly updates on our left side ticker and by going to the kbmp website.




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