Watershed Workbook Available

by perry on November 2, 2021

A new workbook is available titled Collaborative Watershed Management Subtitle is: A guide to enhancing streamflow and water supply reliability in California’s rural watersheds and communities. CWMguide_2021.pdf (calsalmon.org). \

This guidebook was developed during the global pandemic of COVID-19. At a time when our lives and the way we communicate are altered, it is important to remember that while the pursuit of improving water resources management is ongoing, the methods and strategies that we utilize will need to adapt to ever changing conditions. This pandemic and how it disproportionately affects disadvantaged communities is an important reminder of how many communities do not have equal access to clean water, information, and the ability to engage in restoration efforts. We need to be cognizant of these social and environmental factors in our collective planning, Collaborative engagement, and implementation efforts to create healthier watersheds.”

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