What is the SVRCD?

The Shasta Valley RCD is a Special District serving central Siskiyou County, California.  Our mission, and vision set our goals, objectives and focus our efforts with local direction from our Board of Directors.


To work with interested landowners on a voluntary basis to enhance the management and sustainable use of natural resources in order to ensure the long term economic viability of the community.

Our Vision

We believe that by working together with landowners we can help the people within the District to meet the environmental and economic challenges they face.

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The Shasta Valley RCD service area includes the Klamath watershed and all its minor tributaries from the California State line near Keno to below Happy Camp, the entire portion of the Applegate River in California, the lower end of the Scott River, the entire Shasta watershed, and the Siskiyou County portions of the Sacramento watershed, McCloud watershed and Fall River watershed.


The communities within the District’s boundaries will focus on using wisely locally available resources, will use faith and trust to resolve conflicts so we can build and maintain a strong economy in Siskiyou County. The rural character and environmental health of the region will be preserved for future generations through effective stewardship and sustainable agricultural activities by facing problems and committing to work for solutions. Restoration efforts will improve rural and urban areas for residents and visitors while enabling irrigated agriculture to remain profitable.

Natural Resources

The region will prosper with a balanced and efficient use of economic and environmental resources that leads to a delisting of endangered species. Growth will be encouraged in safe areas to avoid fragmenting agriculture and forest lands and to maximize preservation of natural resources.


People within our communities will be informed about natural resources and external communities will become aware of the needs to sustain our rural lifestyle.