Water Board FAQ on Groundwater

by perry on October 23, 2019

Water Quality FAQ from the Water Board:  Questions related to the interplay groundwater presents between various agencies and regulations are discussed.

“Degradation of water quality can limit local water supplies and beneficial uses. Many existing federal and state laws and regulations address the deleterious effects of degraded water quality. SGMA does not attempt to resolve all water quality issues but aims to ensure that operation of a basin within its sustainable yield does not cause undesirable results, including water quality degradation. Water Code Section 10727.2 and the GSP regulations require GSAs to characterize the groundwater quality and identify undesirable results associated with groundwater quality in the GSPs for their basin. In addition, any projects or management actions adopted by a GSA within their GSPs should not cause degradation of water quality that could lead to an undesirable result. “

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