2014 Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

Spring 2014

March 26: Healthy Forests, Healthy Wallets, @ Sisson Museum 6:00 p.m.  WORKSHOP VIDEO HERE

The Natural Resource Conservation Service offers funding for forest stewardship through the Environmental Quality Improvement Program. Learn how one local landowner group used EQIP to improve fire resiliency and forest health without breaking the bank.  FLYER HERE

April 26:  Fire Safe Home Workshop @ McCloud’s Scout Hall 9AM to Noon with a field trip at 11AM.   FLYER HERE

April 30: Fire and Water*, @ Sisson Museum 6:00p.m.    Watch Workshop Video Here

Living in Siskiyou County means every summer, we are faced with the threat of catastrophic fire. Join us for this conversation on how wildfire impacts water quality, and what is being done to mitigate impacts to water quality from both fire and the forest management needed to reduce the threat of catastrophic fire. *Workshop hosted in collaboration with California Trout  FLYER HERE

May 29: Meadow Restoration and Lake Siskiyou, @Mount Shasta Resort 6:00p.m.  FLYER HERE

Lake Siskiyou is a beautiful area that boasts picture perfect views of Mount Shasta, and habitats for several species. Recently, several trees were removed along the lakeshore trail in an effort to restore a historic meadow in the area. For this workshop, we’ll learn what meadow restoration is, and why it is done throughout the county.

June 18: Northern Spotted Owl, @Sisson Museum 6:00p.m.

Since the listing of the Northern Spotted Owl as a Threatened Species under the Endangered species Act, the way we view and manage forests has been turned upside-down. Come learn the reasons for these regulations, their economic and environmental benefits and impacts, followed by a discussion on the future sustainability of the Northern Spotted Owl and forestry in our county.

Workshop Video Here

Forests in the Water Balance: Can Healthier Forests Lead to More Water for Farms, Fields and Fish?
When: August 27th, 6:00-8:00 p.m.  FLYER HERE  WORKSHOP VIDEO HERE
Where: Klamath National Forest Supervisor’s Office 1711 South Main Street, Yreka

Now more than ever, people, farms and ecosystem are suffering for want of water.  A new study in the Sugar Creek Watershed of the Klamath National Forest looks into the relationship between our forests and our water resources, and how restoring one might help the other.

Climate Change in Siskiyou County: Forests and Ecosystems in Transition and What we are Doing to Mitigate Impacts Now       FLYER HERE  WORKSHOP VIDEO HERE
When: September 10th, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Where: Sisson Museum, 1 N. Old Stage Road, Mount Shasta
We understand that average temperatures are going up globally, but what does that mean locally?  Join us for this discussion on some of the changes we are likely to see in our forests and ecosystems – and the changes that are already occurring.  We’ll also take a look at some of the work being done to mitigate these impacts and help ecosystems adjust.

Our Thirsty Year of Drought: The Human and Ecological Tolls of Drought in Northern California
When: October 16, 2014, 6:00 – 8:00p.m.   FLYER HERE  WORKSHOP VIDEO HERE
Where: Sisson Museum, 1 N. Old Stage Road, Mount Shasta
Who: Elizabeth Bettencourt (Forsgren and Associates), Eric Wedemeyer (Shasta County Water Agency), Randy Akana (Siskiyou County General Services), Christine Jordan (US Forest Service), Geoff Harkness (City of Mount Shasta)

This year has been a bad year for forests, agriculture and communities as a whole.  Farmers have not been able to get the water they need to sustain production, dry forests have lit up from lightning storms and local springs have been over burdened with greater demand than they can supply.  Get a review on how the drought has impacted us over the year in southern Siskiyou County and northern Shasta County, and learn what is being done on the local and state levels to combat it.   hosted in partnership with Caltrout 

Giving Firefighters a Break: The Role of Fuel Breaks in Protecting our Communities   VIDEO HERE
When: November 13th, 2014 6:30pm 
Where: Sisson Museum, Mt Shasta CA
With having had half a dozen major fires in under a 70 mile radius blazing during fire season, and the skies filled up with smoke, the communities of Mount Shasta, McCloud and Dusmuir have a lot to be thankful for that none of the fires threatened our homes and lives.  We may not be so lucky in coming years.  Learn what is being done through Calfire and their Fire Safe councils are doing and how the fuel breaks that are being constructed are used by firefighters to protect these communities when fire does come.