Rainbow Ridge Collaborative Forestry Project


The Rainbow Ridge Community Forestry Project is the newest initiative of the Shasta Valley RCD.  There are many partners involved in this project including the Siskiyou Land Trust and the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Click here for general  a map  of the Rainbow Ridge area, which is west of the town of Mt. Shasta, California.

Click here for a recreational opportunities map, or here to view  a map  of some of the plant and animal species that have been observed in the area.


Why Rainbow Ridge?


The Shasta Valley RCD, along with partners, the Siskiyou Land Trust and Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) will collaborate to facilitate short-term and long-term fire safety and forest stewardship activities with landowners on Rainbow Ridge.

Project Goals

1.  Develop a collaborative forest stewardship model for private landowners in Siskiyou County, using Rainbow Ridge as an example

2.  Identify forest stewardship and fire safety priorities, develop the tools, technical and financial resources required to meet those needs, and coordinate collaborative forest management planning among those landowners with compatible management objectives. 


Project Activities

The Shasta Valley RCD is supporting collaborative forest stewardship by working with Rainbow Ridge landowners in the following capacity:

(1) Forest Condition Data Collection:

  • Compile the Rainbow Ridge landowner survey data to identofy landowners who are interested in forest stewardship,  identify forest lands with existing timberinventories, identify lands that would require timber or forest ecosystem surveys, identify lands managed according to timber harvest plans, identify land road access, treatment options and requirements and common landowner objectives.
  • Establish a baseline inventory of forest conditions on Rainbow Ridge .
  • Identify landowners interested in participating in the project via surveys and direct interaction

(2) Education:

  • Develop an educational series that will give landowners and members of the public community the tools, information and resources to develop collaborative and individual forest management plans as needed.  Educational topics will include but will not be limited to topics on ecology, fire safety strategies, timber management plans and financial sustainability of management plans.

(3) Coordination:

  • Development of a landowner based Steering Committee.  This committee will identify participating landowners with compatible forest, fire and conservation objectives and organize working groups.
  • Assist in developing funding opportunities for working groups and individuals who have developed management plans.

(4) Collaboration:

  • Work with landowner working groups in the creation of non-binding, cooperatively developed collaborative forest stewardship management strategies among landowners with compatible forest management objectives.
  • Assist in the development of plans to provide a framework for current and future treatments, shared treatment and emergency road access, scheduling and finance management.

(5)Long Term Conservation:

  • Work with landowners who indicate and interest in implementing long-term forest conservation protections via the donation or sale of conservation easements on their property.  Landowners who seek conservation easements as a strategy to protect and manage their forests indefinitely will be informed on the options, benefits and restrictions involved with conservation easements to determine feasibility.
  • Work closely with neighboring large landowners including the USFS, the Siskiyou County Planning Department and industrial timber companies to explore collaborative long term management options, possibly including such strategies as community forestry, shared access and trail development.

Steering Committee – contact Kara or Kathleen if you are interested in serving with other community members to  advise our projects.

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