Construction Projects

The Shasta Valley RCD has conservation construction projects from time to time.  Project types can be fencing, stockwater, instream work, irrigation, forestry and erosion control work on private land within our district.  If you would like to be added to our notification list contact the SVRCD office and leave a message at 842-6121 x 106.  We are updating our list to be able to send notifications via email so please contact our office to add that information for us.      NEW FORM HERE

Our projects are funded by various grants and may have specific labor requirements.

Our Bid Policy is Here:   BID POLICY



BOGUS CREEK FENCING – Walker Ranch Fencing, Foster Ranch Fencing, Nowdesha Ranch Fencing

Kettle Springs Pipeline – Invitation to BID AWARDED

Fiock Riparian Planting –  Request for Quote     AWARDED

Fiock Bank Protection – Request for Quote   AWARDED

Montague-Grenada Weir Project  AWARDED

Parks Creek Project  AWARDED

Flying L Pipeline  AWARDED

Hidden Valley Ranch Fencing and Planting – Awarded

Rice Livestock Stockwater Troughs – Awarded

Fuel Reduction Project 10/17/14  Extended to 10/24/14  Has Been Awarded

Zenkus Fencing Project  Has Been Awarded

Kuck Tailwater Collection Project: Invitation to Bid  AWARDED

Banhart/Rice Tailwater Ditch Rehabilitation Project: Invitation to Bid  AWARDED

Shasta River Water Association Measuring Equipment: Invitation to Bid  AWARDED