Karen Mallory, District Adminstrator.   Karen has worked with the SVRCD since January 2008 and holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Forestry and a Master of Science in Watershed Management from California State University at Humboldt. Karen brings experience in monitoring, hydrology and watershed management and planning as well as an interest in education. Karen’s role has shifted over the years to now becoming the District Administrator as of December 2016.  She will assign and expedite tasks, and keep track of progress during the grant cycle, providing oversight to all personnel, and to keep the Board up to date.  She will review progress reports and other deliverables.

brandy-caporaso-4-534x800 Brandy Caporaso, Finance Manager

Brandy Caporaso, Finance Manager. Brandy relocated to Siskiyou County in 2001 after attending university and working and living in Santa Cruz for over a decade. She comes to SVRCD with project and program management background in the food, construction and non-profit sectors. She is honored to work with amazing staff dedicated to the mission of the RCD.

Ayn Ayn Perry, Project Staff

Ayn Perry, Project Staff.  Ayn came to the SVRCD after a 29 year career with the NRCS in Siskiyou County.  She still feels passionately about resource conservation and feels that landowner enlightened self interest is the best motivator for good land use decisions. Her work centers on ranch planning and project development.

111 Ally Lutes, Project Manager

Ally Lutes, Project Manager.  Ally earned a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Conservation in 2012 at the University of British Columbia and has worked for the SVRCD since 2013. Ally is a Project Specialist and oversees the SVRCD Monitoring Program. She will be the person responsible for CEQA work, managing pre and post project data monitoring activities, trend monitoring, and riparian themed projects. Ally has experience in water quality monitoring, data management and analysis, project management, and restoration implementation.



BrookeRow (2) Brooke Mejica, Monitoring – On Leave

Brooke Mejica Monitoring Program Coordinator.   Brooke is the SVRCD Monitoring Program Coordinator and has extensive experience in water quality monitoring and aquatic ecology. Brooke has a Master of Science in Environmental Science (2014) from the University of Nevada, Reno, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology and Management and Bachelor of Arts in Geology from the University of California, Davis. Brooke’s role will be to conduct field monitoring, data management and analysis, and report writing. She has worked for SVRCD for two years.


Dave-Webbsmall Dave Webb, Senior Advisor

Dave Webb, Consultant and Advisor.  Recently retired from the SVRCD, Dave provides our staff and board with cogent advise as needed.  His knowledge and historical context are helpful to our staff.  He was the original SVRCD technical staff person, writing and implementing grants through Great Northern Corporation and later the SVRCD.


Mike Riney, Monitoring Specialist

Mike Riney, Water Quality Monitoring Specialist. Mike came to the SVRCD in December 2016, after spending six years on the Big Island of Hawaii. He has a Master of Science in Tropical Conservation Biology & Environmental Science from the University of Hawaii at Hilo, and spent three years as a Biological Technician for the US Forest Service and two years as a biological contractor for the USGS. Mike’s passion and career goals lie in stream ecology, hydrology, and restoration. Along with water quality monitoring responsibilities, Mike assists SVRCD staff in project coordination, data analysis, and report writing.